Rest in peace Bob and Sharon Gordon


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Hope what they say is not true about Gordon....


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As much as we hope it isn't, it appears to be. Appearently Bob and Sharon were found deceased in Orange, CA.

"ORANGE, Calif. (KFSN) --
Police say a man and woman were found dead Wednesday afternoon inside a home in Orange, California.

Authorities tell KABC-TV that officers responding to a call in Orange Park Acres found the bodies of a 68-year-old Robert Gordon and 57-year-old Sharon Gordon.

A longtime neighbor confirmed that the couple who lived in the home were relatives of former NASCAR racer Robby Gordon.

A police spokesman says the cause of the deaths have not been determined. An undisclosed weapon was also discovered.

Police do not believe a suspect is at large.

Robby Gordon's off-road racing team will be in Costa Mesa this weekend.


KABC-TV and the Associated Press contributed to this report."


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This is horrible!!! I did not know them. But my heart breaks for what the surviving family is going through.

I will be praying.


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Just waking up today, turn on the TV and I hear the news...
Big loss for the off road community. Robby, so sorry for your loss.


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The news said it was a murder suicide ........
Hope this part isn't true at least. NBC 4 just said cause of death is unknown and no weapons found. Local news is so bad with facts who's to say what's true. I never knew them but this hits hard. Prayers to the Gordon family.

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Jorge Rodriguez

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RIP Baja Bob and Sharon. Condolences to Robby and family.

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Lord Green

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It's so sad, Bob was a great guy and an early champion. Prayers go out to Robbie and his family. RIP Bob


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For People my Age, growing up in Off Road Racing, Bob Gordon was one of my 1st heroes.
This is a huge, sad, sad loss.
So sorry for the whole Gordon family and the whole Racing family (not just Off-Road),,,,good people that will be sorely missed.
We'll see you on the other side, sir !!!!
I am very sad today