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Rest in peace Mark Slater


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Keeping his family and friends in my thoughts. :(


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Man that sucks.

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J Burleson

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Sad to hear. Everyone please ride and drive safe. Expect the worst and be surprised by the best RIP
Mark Slater was one of the best friends a man could ever have .
Through the ups and downs of off-road racing he always had that great smile of his on his face .
Him driving and co-driving with me in 1096 over the last 5 years are some of the best memories of my life .
RIP my good friend
Allan Lindsay


RIP Mark. I can't imagine what a terrible time this has been for his family/friends. Our little community has really lost a fantastic part of us.

El Mamito USMC

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That's horrible, rest in peace brotha.


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They had a nice memorial at the crash site on Saturday. Saw them on my way back from a ride in the mountians. Hilltoppers shirts for days. RIP