Return of Class 8?


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I couldn't believe my eyes. Browsing through the results of the TT250 Kyle Taylor's class 8 truck was the second 4-wheel vehicle overall, behind the original truggy! Another class 8 crossed the finish in the top 5 also if I remember correctly! I thought the class 8 performance at San Felipe was a fluke. I am shocked. Over the past few years I was getting used to seeing class 8 trucks finish behind most of the protrucks! Also congratulations to my fellow teammates who took our EJR Racing Protruck #244 accross the finish second in class!

EJR Racing #244


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You're right Junior, it's awesome to see the Class 8 trucks per form like the old days! I'm sure it's a combination of driver talent, comfort, and confidence. In addition to that, these teams are continuing to do a great job of prepping their equipment, as the pace they are running and finishing will prove. The TT250 has not been very kind to Kyle and his team (unlike Tonopah, which Taylor has won the last THREE years in a row) So he was really on a mission this time.

Also, it was great to see your EJR Racing boyz finish so well! I was looking for you all weekend, surprised you weren't there. Maybe Baja 500?

I hope all is well, congrats on all of your son's success in Whiplash! Enjoy!

Talk to you soon!