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On Topic REWARD: Stolen Mirage car and suburban - Ensenada

Anger Issues

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Per that earlier thread, theft is apparently back in a big way.

This Mirage car, on a trailer, hooked to this suburban were parked approximately 5 blocks from tech inspection (day before the race). It was daylight hours or very close to sunset. I do not know the exact location, I am posting this for one of our team-members.

They are willing to offer a $1000 cash reward for information that leads to the recovery of these rigs. I don't want to turn this into a bashing thread or any other crap.... I am only hoping we can get them back. I know it is a long shot but this Mirage chassis is unique, and this suburban (with trailer and tools) is also pretty unmistakable.

This totally sucks for our friend so if anyone knows or saw anything, PLEASE contact Daryl or Randy at:
714-638-8500. [email protected]

pic 3.jpg
photo (2).JPG
pic 2.jpg
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Seriously??? What... this isn't related to desert racing????
Just post your pictures and story on the main page "Baja Theft" thread ... It'll get seen ! I'm sure the mods are just trying to contain the multiple 'threads' pertaining to the same topic ? No need to have "Anger Issues" lol :rolleyes: