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RFS Motorsports set me up

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RFS Motorsports

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........Still waiting for a response to this and ALL of my the first questions like, Why would a Honest person advertise a Amplified performance car as a Dezert Dynamics????
I have been told by my attorneys, friends and fellow racers to ignore this guy. I just cannot sit here and listen to more of this BS. So here it goes!

As far as the prerunner is concerned. Was not sure what car I had since I purchased it from Chris at Danzio. All I knew is that Chris built one bitchin engine for it! I purchased it while I was down in Mexico prerunning for the Baja 500. I knew that Chris had it for sell because I had talked to him about it before I went down there. We had nothing but problems so I called him from Mexico and purchased it over the phone. I picked it up and headed back to Mexico the next day. I do not know one buggy from the other and I was under the impression that is what type of car it was. Post is currently on the "prerunner" section in the classifieds so everyone can see that it was changed.

Now why don't you answer all the other post Erik that people are asking you. You are a convicted Felon. You are on Felony probation. You have never denied steeling the Motec, lights, etc. You told us in a telephone conversation that you would tell us where the Motec was when I offered to pay you $1000 to return it. Then you decided you wanted more money and did not go through with the deal. You then accused me of blackmail because I was trying to pay you to get my stolen property back. You have even gone as far to say you took the Motec out to clean the truck and put it on the shelf. Funny thing is that you never cleaned the area where you took the Motec out of and it was never put on the shelf. We discovered the Motec missing 5 weeks later because the truck was in the middle of a prep. The dash was on so we could not see the Motec unit. When we finally put the motor back in we could not get the motor started. We trouble shooted the motor with Sheldon from SA Industries and discovered the unit to be missing. The Motec was gone but we found the dirty mess that you left behind! Another thing is why would you put the dash on without the Motec. That would of been a lot of wasted energy and time if you were innocent. We did file a police report both times with your antics. Unfortunately, you are a smart crook and there was not enough evidence for the DA to prosecute. What it comes down to Erik, is that you tried to bring us down to your level. Sure, we lost a sponsor but everyone now sees the shady business you do.

Here are the facts:
Motec missing and you confirmed that you took it out
You told Bryant that you did not take it out but they you might of messed with the shocks on the truck to put us on our lid at the 500. When we went to test we discovered that all of our bypasses were changed to all different settings.
You took all of the power cords to our GPS units so we could not use them in the chase trucks at the 500
You took our antenna off the prerunner so we could not communicate at the 500
You once again took our Laser temperature gun like the last time you stole it. This was proven last time because I found it in your tool box when you came back to work for us in February.
You only quit the first time after you had a nervous break down and called us crying. ( the break down was caused by the pressure being put on by me to return the money that you took from us)
You were terminated the 2nd time because you locked out our employee twice from the shop. You locked him out because you were mad that he was working and you were not.
You rented a portion of the shop in an agreement for $400 a month. You were there for 6 weeks using our consumables but never paid the rent. When asked why it was not reflected on your bill you said my race truck was in the way???
You are a convicted felon on felony parole ( you have been arrested previously for drug charges, felony DUI with injuries, hit and run and auto theft) Some of your charges were plea bargained down but you still received felonies.
I am the one that paid for your attorney. You came to me because you did not have any money and you said your public defender was not any good. I gave you the $2500 for your attorney to keep you out of jail so you could continue to work
Various vendors called me during your tenure to complain about you being under the influence of Marijuana when you were delivering parts to their places of business. Everyone knows who my vendors are so anyone can contact them.
We never won one race on your preps. We DNF all our races because of your prep with the exception of Rage at the river where we rolled. The first race won was the Baja 500 20009 and it was prepped by Danzio. Danzio prepped all other races that we won in. After we stopped using Danzio because of budget restraints, we brought it back in house. We DNF all other races under your prep.
The Mint 400 was prepped by ES Racing. An employee of theirs did the prep in exchange to ride with me, contrary to what you say. Anyone can contact ES Racing and ask them.

Definition of Slander; Slander is the oral communication of false statements that are harmful to a person's reputation. You are a thief, felon, druggy and a liar. All these statements are true and are not slander. You cannot get your own stories/life straight so you figure you will bring others down with you. You have tried to ruin my race team but you have effectively ruined your own business with this post. I asked to have the first post pulled by the admin of RDC because I was in Mexico at the time of the post and could not defend myself. I did not ask to have this one pulled because I knew the truth would come out and you would bury yourself. I was right and now everyone can see right through you.

y the way, my attorneys advised me that it would not be worth it to file a case against you. Not that we wouldn't win hands down, but that you do not have any money once we did get a judgement. Secondly, you are already engaged in another high dollar lawsuit in the Long Beach Courts in which you are named as the defendant. All you will end up doing is filing BK on the judgements so it is not worth my dime. I will not respond to anymore posts that that you put online. You are not worth my breath! I am here to enjoy racing and to get away from the BS!
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RFS Motorsports

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....So who buys a car without knowing what kind of car they are buying????????????? Random.
-17 rep level. How are you even on RDC anymore. People with money do random things all of the time. Chris from Danizo is a great guy and it is a good car. I am not a buggy dork either so I do not know one from the other! I went to Chris to buy a bitchin buggy with a bitchin motor and that is what I got! The car is and always has been priced accordingly! Someone will get a great deal when they purchase the vehicle

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This thread is a crack up......Negative rep guys (no respect) vs. positive rep (respect in the industry)...ding ding ding......guess whos losing in the end. I love lamp


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I never even said a single negative thing to you or about you. Yes I have read your drama that has been plastered all over RDC and really don't give a crap.

I just wanted to know what was up with the car. You have now given me a response. Quite an interesting one as well.


In response to what RFS has posted-
Again I say, I never stole ANYTHING from anybody!
I am not a ''drug addict","Liar","crook","theif", "parolee'' or have done anything esle that RFS has said.
The fact is that RFS can say whatever they want, But unless they have PROOF that there statements are TRUE, it is all LIBEL and there only way to have people side with them!
One thing that is true is that as the days go by they keep adding, and adding more accusations!

I would like a explaination for RFS re-hireing me after they accused me of stealing in oct.09.
If they were not setting me up for something else(motec), and thought I did such a bad job then Why?


I don't know who locked it the first time, but I'm guessing it was ELRace.... you're only gonna lock the thread once and then unlock it to get "the last word"

The mudslinging is going nowhere and personally I am sick of your dribble-drabble looking for sympathetic ears to justify your poor judgment (at best) or criminal activity (at worst).

RFS got to speak and ELRace got to speak..... Now, ELRace, good luck with your cult following and mud-slinging elsewhere.

Thread locked.


Just so everyone knows, I did not lock the thread. RFS had it locked to try to make me look bad,again. I also spoke with the police to obtain the report, but was not able to due to the fact that RFS lied about filling a report, just like they lied about Everything else! I would say I look foward to seing them at the races, but we all have to wait too see how long there ''Team" will Not last.


Just so everyone knows, I did not lock the thread. RFS had it locked to try to make me look bad,again. I also spoke with the police to obtain the report, but was not able to due to the fact that RFS lied about filling a report, just like they lied about Everything else! I would say I look foward to seing them at the races, but we all have to wait too see how long there ''Team" will Not last.
LOL.... the thread was not locked by RFS. It was locked by the mods because yer dumb...


And now he has unlocked it? Begging for another ban.... An extended vacation.
from my PM box from ELRace.... I know that posting private messages is kinda lame but i thought since this was sorta a veiled threat......

I thought they didnt allow gays in the military? Your pertty tuff online,You want to settle this? I'll be in parker fri-mon if you want I will drive to your ** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA** hole and we can ''talk" about this.......** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**!

I did not reply with a PM but I will say this...

I am at races.... I am at lotsa races...
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