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RG @ Daytona


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well, 13th isn't that bad. he was towards the front most of the day and showed he has the skills to run there. it was obvious the good 'ol boys weren't going to do him any favors. hopefullthat will change with some time, because you gotta have dance partners on the big tracks. as for jimmy johnson, i believe he had no help due to his car owner. seems there was no love for the past champion or any of his iron out there. and to think he actually admitted his spin was due to his error this time...hope he sees it that way with harvick...

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hey, i was just wondering if anyone has tickets available to the big event...i want to see kevin harvick "pinch his little neck off..." this after he and jeff gordon tried to share the same space at the same time(and gordon had to speed up to get there). while it may be a short battle, i will pay to see it!

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Those guys give Gordon about as much respect as Gordon would give them at the Baja 500 or any other off road race. He has a good car and good team, now its up to Robby to make it happen.

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He ran a great race from what I saw.

It was funny when BP commented on Robby taking off for the grass during the BIG wreck and saying that "it is the last place that Robby wanted to be". I was thinking that it was probably the first place Robby wanted to be - I am sure handling that car on anything but asphalt would be in Robby's favor compared to the other drivers.

Good to see him regain composure and finish well after his spin...

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Yeah, that was an awesome race!
Did you see that part when they all turned left? That was amazing!
Or, what about the part where they all talked like Andy Griffith? I love that.
And what about the wide variety of vehicles? Talk about diversity!
I think it's just incredible how you can just walk into a ford, chevy or dodge dealer and buy a stock car just like the ones on the T.V.

Imagine, all that effort to have a 200mph traffic jam. Whatever.


(Posting has been a little light lately, thought I'd start some schtuff)

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I still prefer any offroad over NASCAR race but Motorsport in general is my passion (and I am sure for most of us). Understanding and looking at other forms of racing will expand your understanding for technology and principals of motorsports. For example look at a NASCAR pit stop and compare it to the fastest pit stop you have ever seen at a SCORE race. I think we are 20 years behind in that aspect. Low center of gravity. Attracting sponsors. Media coverage. How to fill the house etc etc etc. And I am sure there are things NASCAR folks might learn from Offroad.

Ignoring other forms of racing (pavement stuff) is narrow minded at my opinion.

During the last Baja 500 I talked to some of Robbie's crew. Some of them are his NASCAR tire changers...they have never been to an offroad race and I am sure it widened their horizon pitting a Trophy Truck down in Baja.

So if someone says NASCAR sux then its there personal opinion and that is respected, but it doesn't mean that it really sux... in any event it beats watching golf, tennis or the Olympics on TV. (lets see who gets offended now...)


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I remember at the '99 baja 1000, when we came into Valley T to our pit to do our driver change, right next to our pit was Robby's open wheel crew (All in Menards fire suits) doing a transmission swap.. Kind of an odd sight! cool though!!!!


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I'd rather watch the groundskeeper trimming the greens with a pair of nail clippers than watch NASCAR....

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I watched a little bit to see how Robby was doing. Why is it that they all seem to have exactly the same top speed? Was this one of those "restrictor plate" races? I'm with Kreg and Tim.

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Better than the Olympics? Now whos close minded? 80+ mph on 2 sticks down 45% of 3 thousand frozen vertical for a little metal. Thats heart !! Not to dis the left turning moon shine runners but, you can watch that same crap year around ,Olymipics is every 4 years and your pulling for your fellow Americans not your favorate beer company.


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They need to get rid of the resrictor plates.It used to be pretty badass to see Elliotts old Thunderbird doing 230 mph.That thing was shaped like a brick compared to these new cars.They only averaged 131mph,Let them run wide open.The long tracks really suck now days.Its fun to see them beat each other up on the short tracks though.I think Robby will surprise alot of people this year.



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R G earned $184,000 for 13th place, plus 1.4 million last year. This year's salary is a reported 3 million dollar + amount. Not bad, In addition, there are huge possibilities for TV endorsements, especially out here on the left coast, where we don't all say, "honey, I'm fixin' to take the little fellers for a drive to the WalMart. Help me push start the car".


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well, i guess some of us just love competition in just about any form. I will take offroad over nascar anyday, but i didn't see any ofroad races on TV during those 4 hours! wonder why nascar gets all the live coverage?

anyway, about the restrictor plates, see, the fans like tight racing (and ofcourse, they wait for the big wreck) so nascar tries tomake it a drivers race, not a money race(yeah, i know, they all spends millions, so whats this money thing about?) . now they even make them qualify with teh same engine they are racing with to try to keep costs down. what does that tell you? so, they make vehicles with very similiar performance so the racing stays close and keeps the fans happy. nobodies winning simply by spending more. novel idea. the racers hate it! they would love to just smash the throttle further through the dent in the dent in the floor to pass. but then money rears its ugly head and the team with teh biggest cubic dollars will win most of the time. hence, restrictor plates, aero packages, etc...

as for robby- he ran a car without the restrictor plate at one of the super speedways when he was first testing with teams a couple years back...lots of miles an hour over 200 and some stiff fines from nascar to boot.


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Not being a huge Nascar fan, I still am pretty amazed at the speeds these guys run inches from each other. The television does not give you the true feeling or sounds of what is really going on. I think it would take alot of guts to go 180 mph on the bumper of someone else. Give credit where credit is due, Robby probably would say it is scary as hell. Watching Offroad racing on TV can translate the skill it takes, where Nascar doesn't.

Ellen D
Ya'll are just jealous, you know you would like to run a roundy-round car! Props to Gordon and JJ for their west coast representation.



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Wrong !!!! I'm not. If I had a chance to run the Baja 1000 sitting shotgun or driving in the Daytona 500, I'll take the passenger seat anyday...