RG Wheels & backspacing ?


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It looks like I'm gonna run 37" tires and 17" rims now in the '95 F-150 I dont own yet. I was thinking of american racing rims with champion beadlocks or the new Robby Gordon wheels.

I noticed on robby's website the rims are listed as 2.75" backspacing where the american racing rims have 4.45" of backspacing. Is their a reason why the RG's have those specs?

What do most people end up running on i-beam F-150's ?

Once again, I'm doing research.

Thanks for all the help though.


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Don't really know. Less spacing, or a deeper dish, is usually just for looks. The only place they belong is on a solid axle or perhaps an I beam axle. I still wonder why it is taking so long for someone to come out with 17" wheels that are near total offset, like FWD wheels. The OEMs have gone to them, road racing cars have them, all trucks from duallys on up have them. It allows much longer control arms, lesser angles, more travel, far less stress on steering components and can allow lower unsprung weight. But here we wait. In a few years you won't see any more with the present offset. If ANYONE makes a strong aluminum wheel of this type, let me know. None at the Offroad Expo...

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I just went through the offset deal with APP.

Hello, APP sales.
Hi, I'd like 6 thunderII's with a 2 inch inset.
You want how much inset?
2 inches from center.
We only go up to 3/4.
bummer! I guess i'll take it.
Why so much?
I don't want the truck to be a mile wide, plus it helps the steering geometry(scrub radius).
Oh, Our corvette rims have a 55mm inset.
Great, next time I build an off-road corvette I'll remeber that.
I'll talk to the engineers, maybe we can work up some more offsets in the future.
Great, how long will that be?
Maybe next year.
Great, how long for My 3/4 insets?
About 5 to 6 weeks.
Great, they should be here about two weeks after the trucks done.... I guess I'll just have to fake it on the spindles and hope they clear.......

Such is the life of a custom truck builder............


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It's surprising how narrow the selection really is, including APP. There is some serious money to be made there. Yes, the Corvette and even the Hummer use a wheel similar to the kind I'm talking about. Some aftermarket Hummer wheels are close to what is needed and come in 17" with beadlocks. But they are bit heavy and have an 8 lug pattern. There have been several serious race trucks built over the years, including some TT's, with the FWD type wheels but only in 15 or 16 inch. Unless I missed somebody, I can't figure out what is taking so long??? If you look at the overall picture of what's available for cars and trucks now, this is the only thing left that's not available. The advantages are numerous and cannot be overstated. Maybe RG will be selling them soon...
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If you were to call the right people I bet you could get the blanks and machine whatever pattern you wanted in almost any backspacing/offset you wanted. I know that most of the BLING BLING guys start with simple blanks and work from there.



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I seem to remember Chuck Verzi's (sp?) ranger having some rims with quite a bit of offset. He's the one who owns the blue ranger that was featured in Off Road. I can't remember what the rims looked like or who made them but they might be something your looking for.


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I tried to get the blanks off of them, I do rims for another company already. They wouldn't go for it. The way there forging is at the moment, you probibly couldn't go more than 1.5" with the stock availible.


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I'm attempting something like that now too. There are some problems. There are a few places making the Hummer wheels. Talking to Alcoa, who makes the only known forging, is like trying to talk to NASA. The rest that I have found are all castings by companies that don't know off-road racing exists. Again, these are designed for an 8 lug pattern. Some come with beadlocks already. An 8 lug pattern could be adapted to but the wheels typically go for $750 to $1000 or more each. And an adapter adds weight of the worst kind. It's just not practical. There is another wheel company that makes a similar forging. Understandably, they don't want their wheels crunched in front of anybody. By the time you get through negotiating, machining and adding beadlocks, it would seem easier to make your own molds or machine them out of solid stock! Just to avoid confusion, there are a few companies making wheels out of pieces. These usually have spun sections welded to cast or forged center or face sections. They can make almost anything you want. Some of these might hold up on a buggy type car but not a race truck.

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