rhino racing?


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i see that there is a rhino racing with trailing arms in place of the o.e. rear control arms.
i have been building rhinos for a living for over a year and have conscidered either building one to race for myself or whoring the work out to someone who wants to race theirs.

is there a "rule" system for this class or is it if it techs it races. i think the class could be fun and grow, but for guys thinking about doing it it would be nice to have some kind of guidelines.

personaly i hate rules. i come from a 1450 background and am schemeing(sp) on a eight truck due to the new rule changes. i just don't want to build something i still call a rhino and have someone tell me it is not in the spirit of the class and not let me race.


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Are the SCORE rules the same guidlines that BITD follows? If so, consider the following:

"Any suspension kit is allowed that is available to the general public"

Now, could you please post a link or a mfg. that makes the trailing arm suspension that was passed at the SF250 last weekend?