Rhys Millen pikes peak climb


Very cool Video, great quality. Gotta love the HD. I like the shot of the Ford Raptor on the start.(0:53). I haven't seen a Hyundai that fast since they pulled the plug on WRC.
Search youtube for the video of whole run it is amazing. Video shows steering wheel view enlaid. Cant believe how he points it off the cliffs to set up for corners. You can see/hear how the car slows down with the lack of Oxygen. Is there a video of Monsters run anywhere? I couldnt find anything. Thanks.
Here is link. Not a waste of 13Minutes [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMuFnaKCuaQ&feature=related"]YouTube - Sneak Peak: Rhys Millen Smashes Pikes Peak Record - Check back soon for more...[/ame]


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I wish we could see his speeds throughout the vid. Thanks for posting that, definitely not a waste :)