Richard Bell


Hello From an Englishman in into VW's and Buggies via my older brother in the early 70's......started racing off road in the UK in 1982 in what would be a similar car to a class 9, then went up to a 2-1600 but with 2000cc type IV motor. Came to the USA first in 93 with a team of 7 Land & Range Rovers to race the Baja 1000. Met up with a bunch of Laguna Beach and San Clemente firemen who invited me back many times and ended up with us racing a 5-1600 in the Fireworks 250 and the 1000 in 1995. Met my wife here in 2001 , moved to Dana Point and married in 2003. Have prerun Baja and raced Score Class 12 with HIGHLANDER RACING for many years, currently building a Penhall Baja Bug prerunner.