RidderFab finishes season with SUPERFAN celebration!


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Ridder Fab finishes season with a SUPERFAN celebration.

September 1st 2009; most of the Ridder Fab Off Road (www.ridderfaboffroad.com) team assembles at the “Big House” of off road racing in Crandon, WI. With the 40th anniversary celebration going on there wasn’t a moment to spare during the week.

Wednesday all present team members and friends of the team went on a Wisconsin Off Highway Vehicle Association (www.wohva.com) led trail ride around the original 25.1 miles of forest road and woods based track where the Crandon Brush Run 101 started 40 years ago. The Sportsman club that runs the existing race track hosted a lunch out on the trail for the over 450 participants. The trail ride consisted of ATV’s, UTV’s, buggy’s, OHM’s, trucks, jeeps and of course Land Cruisers. Participants varied from Offroad Superfans to former racers, to current racers with their families to the Crandon area locals as well as first time area visitors. A great time was had by all.

Thursday evening old race movies were played on the track jumbotron and open racing on the Traxxas RC (www.traxxas.com) track occupied much of the day.

Friday morning came quickly. All teams left for down town Crandon for the annual celebration as well as technical inspection and a parade. Friday in Crandon has been likened to the “Baja of the Northwoods” upholding the long standing tradition of shining up the trucks, drivers and teams. Sponsors are present, colors are flying. Team competitions go on all morning with tire changing and truck pushing contests bringing in a huge crowd. Many sponsors are present to support their teams. Traxxas RC, the title sponsor of the TORC series (www.torcseries.com) had a huge display, the Monster girls and semi were present, and the Mole Lake tribe was represented as well as the Forest County Potawatomi. Noon brought the start of the parade which involves the locals and sponsors and ends with the race trucks all firing up and driving back to the track right down Highway 8 with a police escort. Ridder Fab Crew Chief Ken Fisher takes the honor of driving the #413 down town and back. He claims he kept the truck under 100mph but we are waiting for video review.
Friday afternoon the racing started. The #413 Ridder Fab was staged in a good spot to take the hole shot, first row, inside. Jim took off and gave the truck a good ride but winning wasn’t in the cards. The back up motor wasn’t up to the task so Jim ran until the engine got hot and pulled off with very good track position when the motor got hot. After pulling off Jim said “We just didn’t have it tonight, the BFG’s were working great. The J&H transmission is awesome; the short short track is always fun in front of the fans Friday night here at Crandon. We didn’t want to blow up another motor so I had to pull off. Hopefully my crew can find me some more power and keep the truck cool for Saturday’s race.” Friday night John, Ken, Craig, Jeff, Tony, Eric and Dan worked until Midnight to find the overheating issue and the lack of power. The valves were readjusted, carb was rejetted, and some engine baffling and mud protection was taken off. We had the best combination we could provide.
With 40,000 off road racing fans present the #413 Ridder Fab Formula 4x4 truck ran out front for the entire first half of Saturday’s race for the TORC season championship ring. Jim had nearly the entire back stretch in to the famous Argonne Loop lead. The truck was landing great off the jumps; the track crew had the racing surface in world class condition. Jim definitely had a ton more power than Friday night. The Offroad Superfans (www.offroadsuperfans.com) were on their feet as well as Sponsor’s Brian “Woody” Swearingen of IH8MUD.com (www.ih8mud.com) and Greg Prusik of Prusik Livestock as Jim pulled away from the field. A mandatory caution at the halfway point bunches up the racers again and provides a better show for the fans. At the caution Jim pulled in behind the pace truck and allowed the pack to catch up. Spotter Jon Fintleman had Jim check the gauges and truck’s systems while they had a moment to breath. With the slow down, air flow over the coolers is left to only the six fans on the back of the truck. The temp gauge went from a happy 190 to nearly 300 degrees. The back up motor, which had been freshened and installed prior to coming to Crandon, decided it had enough. The engine got hot and the connecting rods all but let go. Driver Jim Ridderbush said “The truck was running and performing great. We pulled the hole shot and took off! At the competition yellow we started to get hot just like Friday. I radioed John my spotter and pulled off. It made it back to the pit, never to restart again.” Jim had a wide lead coming in to the competition yellow. With bad fortune early in the year for the Ridder Fab team the points battle was already sewn up by the consistency of Dave Demaegd. Team Ridder Fab and sponsors decided to make a run for the coveted World Championship ring at Crandon, the “Big House” of off road racing but it wasn’t meant to be.
Saturday night the Ridder Fab team was involved in a very special presentation at the Offroad Superfans tent. The #413 had to be towed back to the tent due to the bad motor. The Superfans took up a collection and presented Jim Ridderbush a check for $334 in sponsorship money to help defray the costs of this very expensive year of racing. The entire team was introduced under the tent during the festivities. The hospitality, food and beverage spread put on by the Superfans is second to none. The entire Ridder Fab team is very thankful for all the support the Superfans have provided all year long. We look forward to working with the group for many years to come.

Ridder Fab would like to congratulate Dave Demaegd on his World Championship victory and season points title.
The team would like to thank the series sponsors Traxxas, Amsoil, Hansen Beverage, Oakley and all the associate sponsors.

Look for future updates, pictures and video on www.ridderfaboffroad.com.

Ridder Fab Racing would like to thank all of our sponsors;
Ridder Fab
Jon’s Body Shop
J&H Transmission
Prusik Livestock
Schaeffer’s Oil
Baumgart Tire and Wheel
Offroad Superfans www.offroadsuperfans.com

Contingency sponsors this year are:
BF Goodrich
Parker Pumper
Leatt Brace
KC HiLites
Auto Meter
K&N Filters
MSD Ignition

Ridder Fab Racing still has sponsorship opportunities available for the 2010 racing season. Please contact Dan Bergin 920-948-8004 dsbllbkeb@yahoo.com for more information.