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Rider lost near San Felipe

A rider is lost near San Felipe. Last seen 20 miles outside ( north) of town about 3:30 this afternoon- Saturday October 19. He's on a Kawi. They were following the 1,000 gps from the 2015 race. One rider is in town at George's, 2nd rider ( my husband) rounded up some local moto riders in town, along with our one man support truck. It' s been 5 hours. Any one know off-roaders, utv's in San Felipe who can help?
All 3 are experienced desert riders
Status ??
We all get lost in Baja, Maybe takes a few days to find our way back.
Thank you for checking on his status. He walked 9 miles to a rancho. A local brought him into town.
I bet most of us on this forum have a special place in our hearts for Baja. Metaphorically, it is a great place to be lost; not so much when you're a team - trying to have each other's best interests - and one is unaccounted for. Hits home hard for us with memories of one of my dad's friends during the mid 70's. Pooled their remaining fuel, to allow one rider to get help. 2 guys remained behind, they hid their bikes, both passed from exposure. My dad wasn't on that ride, but lessons (and sorrow) for all of us. I was looking for any help last night. I am very grateful for a good and safe ending.

Crusty Shellback

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Glad he was found and is safe.
While Baja is beautiful, it is also remote.
When I used to ride down there, we always waited at a turn until the next guy got there. A leap frog affect.
I still do it when I'm down there chasing or piting.


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Exactly. I wouldnt go to Baja, or bring someone from my Team without a spot for each of us. They are cheap and keep everyone location (and vehicle locations) known.


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Happy ending to what could have been tragic. My friend Ruben tells a story of helping look for 3 lost riders. One found alive. the other two not so lucky.
The Salada got them. Then the Coyotes.