Ridgecrest: An analysis.


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Apr 2, 2001
Bakersfield, CA USA
With the Timing numbers in hand, the Ridgecrest proves to be too tough to tame. Only one of seven starters finished.

Dan Folts, 1st place, put together 7 fairly consistent laps. I think his dad was in for the first 3, and then Dan got in for the last 4. Lap 4 was the teams fastest at 1:03:57. After the 6th lap, he had already won since no one else made it that far. Accordingly, laps 6 and 7 were done in cruise mode.

Dan Owen/Doug Silcock split the driving for this race in Dan's car. It may have been during lap 3 or 4 that I saw the 903 car limping back to the main pits with the right rear sitting on the up-stop. I guess the torsion bar or adjuster let go. They got it fixed, and went back out to get as many laps as possible. They carried on, and were the only other car to get 5 laps. Goes to show how important your pit crew is! Obviously no quick and easy fix, but they scored 2nd place points for their effort.

In 3rd was the Kevin Kopitch/Kim Wright team. HOLY SMOKES! In their first race (that I know of) this team was jammin'! They went by me early on the 1st lap (I was in a 5-1600 car). They never looked back. I don't know what kind of experience they have, but man were they fast. They had the fast lap on the 1st lap, and were within a minute and a half of doing it on the 2nd lap. They are driving Brian Sallee's old car. I think Joel Mohr did the motor on this one. I expect to see a lot more from this team. Something let go after the 4th lap, they never got their 5th.

4th place was SNORE's Joe Sheble. Joe laid down a blistering lap two at 1:01:55 for fast lap of the race. Joe was looking good (as usual) in this race. Sadly, we heard over the radio that the clutch had quit. While another was in route, he re-fired and got Xena to the Main pit. Unfortunately, the clutch wasn't gonna put up with any more racing. Apparently, they stopped about 5 miles before Kevin Kopitch's car. It was a rough course. NOTE: This team was prepared to pull the motor and install the new clutch on the side of the course! No wonder they were #1 last year!

Cody Rash was in the 5-spot. I don't know anything about this team. WRITE ME! They did 4 laps in 5:26:21.

In an unusual DNF, Joel Mohr was 6th. Joel was off to a good start with fast laps on laps 1 and 3. But, the ring and pinion let go on the 4th lap. He was pitted before the start finish, so I don't know if he made it across the line to get the extra point.

Finally, in 7th was the Tom Steeno team. Something must have gone wrong early on, 'cause they do not have any lap times recorded. I did see them on the trailer quite early. If you haven't seen it, take a look at his car. Tom is a graphic artist, and it shows in the paint job. (I am a rookie class 9 driver-and it shows in the paint job!!!)

Please feel free to post your teams experience here!

Anyway, it was cold, it rained, it killed a bunch of good cars, it was Ridgecrest. We're halfway through the MDR season now. Next stop: Lucerne for the Kartek 400. See ya there.