Rim of the World Rally

Curtis Guise

I had a chance to ride down there in my friends new street legal Awd Eagle Talon, race ready. Just to spectate though for this one. And I couldn't go......... That makes 4 years in a row now....... :( damn

I hope someone gets good pics or video.


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Just back from the Rim. Awesome weather. Worked the finish line at the first spectator stage Friday night, the final finish line Friday night, and the MTC (pits) all day Saturday. It was a great experience. Interesting to see professional co-drivers making critical mistakes. Most of the non-professionals were spot on. The Subaru team (Prodrive) did a complete transmission, rear end, and axles replacement in about 37 minutes. The AV Sport (Phoenix) team also did a gear box change in just minutes; then went on to win.

Mark Lovell rolled the car early on Friday. All the damage must have been superficial as he went on to finish 4th (due to a penalty). I saw the car just cruising down the road Sunday morning.

It was great that Petter Solberg was there. When not in an autograph session, he just hung out. I don't think a lot of people recognized him. He was pretty funny on the P.A. system. They were auctioning off a ride with him. He said something to the effect of "The winner will pay so much money to have the $#!+ scarred out of him!" I think the winner was a chick who paid $1200 for a 2 minute ride with him. (All procedes went to a local charity.)

There were more Subaru's per square foot than at any 5 dealers combined! I have never seen so many Sub's!

A well done event. Can't wait to actually drive! (August).

Happy motoring, Tim