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I am going to be getting new rims and tires for my truck and was concerned with which backspacing I should get. To give you a little info on my set-up. I have a 99' F-150 and am currently only running a 3" spindle lift and plan to get another 2.5 " of lift in the front from camburg's entry performance kit in the future. I am going to get glass up front when I get these new tires. I am going to be running 35X12.5X16's and was looking at rims and two of the ones I was considering have 2 different backspacings. One has 4 1/2(+2mm offset) and the other 4 1/4(-3mm offset) and was wondering which one I should run. I was thinking of the ones with 4 1/4 cuz that would push the rim away from the truck more but like the one with the 4 1/2 more. I want to make sure that the ones I pick won't rub, thus wasting my hard earned $$$. I defer to the off road gods on this site for info so please help me.

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Were it me doing this I would figure out how far the center of your current tire is from the Wheel Mount Surface (WMS) (which is Wheel Offset) and duplicate that dimension with the new wheels. Then adjust or modify your steering stops & the surrounding whatever until you don't rub.

If you push the tire out with backspacing you will wear all of the steering components at a faster rate. It will also be more prone to jerking the steering wheel in the direction of a rock or pothole that one tire only hits. See the "Tire Shrub" thread for more on this.


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