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RIP Art Savedera

Curtis Guise

Sad to hear that Art Savedera passed away last night. Art was the tech director for SCORE and worked as the safety/tech inspector for many promoters over the years. Art was dedicated to making sure we were all safe when we race and I always enjoyed talking with him back when I used to race. My condolences to the Savedera family.

If you have any photos or stories about Art post them here.

I have no info about how he passed away, only what his son Guy posted on FB and IG.
"My dad passed away last night. I spent the whole afternoon with him. We watched wrestling, looked at funny pics, laughed, ate dinner together and when I left I said I love you to him. I could not have asked for a better last day with my dad."

Bdub 1020

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Wow , so sad. If you knew Art you can close your eyes and picture his laugh and smile. One of a kind. RIP brother


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Damn...so sad. He was a great guy.


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Truly sad to hear, was such a nice guy, lots of memories from the old MDR days as a kid running around tech, always was a happy guy..GODSPEED Art

R. Gross

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My condolences to Guy and the whole family, Art was truly a great guy and would give you the shirt off his back no questions asked. With our off road family losses lately, Heaven must have needed a tech inspection. RIP.


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Can't believe it. One of my favorite people in the sport. He would take the time to chat every time he saw you. He would always chat at tech to the point where the other tech guys would tell him hey you need to get back to work. Going to miss him.

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so sad...art had set up a meeting with he, I and darryl the bitd tech director for TODAY, because he wanted to help with UNIFYING the rules for our class to make things better.....he was always working to make desert racing better and safer.....he will be missed by all....rest in peace brother


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We hung with him in Ensenada talking old times for about 30 mins. He was a good guy and the sport will miss him. RIP Art and our thoughts and prayers are with the family


Gonna miss your dad Guy. He was a good friend and an inspiration to all of us. So many fantastic memories. RIP.

Dave Simpson

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What a huge loss. Art was always part of our team and a great asset to our sport. He will be missed and live
s on in our hearts. Prayers to Art and his family.


Jerry Zaiden

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We will miss you Art! You were a great guy and always positive. I am going to miss your Mexico Fishing stories and my son is going to miss your claw. God Speed!


Jerry Maguire
I never really knew Art personally until just before the 500 when he came to retag our car and I got to spend an hour talking with him. Then I saw him down at the 500 at tech and talked to him again. Really glad I got that time, he was a really inspirational person who loved this sport more than almost anyone I know. RIP Art, thanks for all you have done.