RIP Terry Smith '82 B1K winner with Mickey Thompson


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I just got this message from one of Terry Smith's friends reporting that Terry passed on the 20th of this month. Terry was an avid off roader and racer and gained fame by teaming with Mickey Thompson to win the 1982 Pernod SCORE Baja 1000 in a Raceco. Both Terry and Mickey were substitute drivers for Jack Motley and David Kreisler who too busy to race that year. Via con dios Terry Smith. Please feel free to post any and all remembrances and stories about Terry.

Here is the note that I got from his friend Wade who asked me to get the word out:

'Bajaxp, I just joined the forum today after a search for Dave Kreisler. My name is Wade Neely and I am a second generation Chuckwalla Jeep Club guy. Been jeeping around with the Smith family since 19_ _ , Ahh never mind, a long darn time. A group of us were out together with Terry and his brother Neil on 10, 11, 12, 13; this month. Neil and Terry left our group Sat evening as Terry was staying overnight at Neil’s house in Vegas. Terry was flying to Arkansas to see his grand daughter graduate high school. On way to airport, he told Neil he didn’t,feel good enough to go. Detour to ER in Vegas. That was Sunday the the 13th. Terry never left the hospital and passed away Sunday the 20th. I hope you can help me get the word out on this forum as I’m just learning it. So glad I found people on here who knew Terry and his story. One of the best drivers I knew. I always felt he never got the credit he deserved for that Baja win. We are having a Celebration on June 24th in Newberry Springs at the American Legion. 11:30 AM. Call if questions please.'

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met Terry in the 70s when he was riding in the old goat high jumper class 10 car of Jerome Johnson. RIP Terry