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Ripped off by Dirt Sports mag


Hello Baldy_877x - I would like to take this opportunity, especially in light of you creating a second thread, to clarify that I did, indeed, respond to you through your personal email as opposed to RDC PM; however, since you have decided to start a new thread on your old issue, let me respond in the open public forum. Based on the information your stated in your original "Ripped Off By Dirt Sports" posting -- i.e., you paid for a 3 Year Subscription to Dirt Sports in 2009, and have not received a single issue, here are the facts based on the information you supplied to me privately (i.e., you full name, address, city/state/zip dating back to 2009). Ryan Communications Group ("RCG") acquired Dirt Sports in December 2008 from Advanstar. In my discussions with Advanstar personnel, Advanstar stopped offering "3 year subscriptions" in 2007! RCG has never offered a 3 year subscription since 2008. Can you see where there is some confusion on your stated "3 year subscription?" However, we decided to look into your concern and searched the databases as far back as 2007. We spelled your name correctly, incorrectly, looked solely for your street address, and solely your zip code -- going line by line to see if you appeared anywhere in the database has having been a paid subscriber through RCG. We came up with nothing. This now leads me to believe that you apparently subscribed through some internet web based subscription company (offering cheap subscriptions to publications) that is not affiliated in any way with RCG or Dirt Sports magazine. RCG offers only two ways to subscribe to its publication: (1) through the toll free subscriber number located in the magazine (i.e., 866-529-2920) or (2) at any event/race where the 20x20 Dirt Sports Booth is set up. Additionally, since it's acquisition in 2008, RCG has only offered a 1 year or 2 year subscription (maximum) -- never a 3 year subscription. With that said, you should go back and examine your credit card records from 2009 to see what company charged your account for a 3 year subscription to Dirt Sports, and request a refund. With regard to your statement to me in a personal email, "And when we settle our issues, I give you my word that I will make sure that I post that you made it right for me!," I'm not quite sure what you are looking for insofar as RCG "make it right for [you]" since we have never shown you on any record/database as being a subscriber through RCG. I look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Mari Provenzano Ryan
On the other hand I wouldn't wipe my ass with the Dusty Rag
Yeah, that would tend to smear the newsprint, make it tough for the next guy to visit the "library."


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Yeah, that would tend to smear the newsprint, make it tough for the next guy to visit the "library."
LOL, best post of the thread!!!! Kind of like the sign that reads, "please do not throw cigarette butts in the urinal, it makes them soggy and hard to light"


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Dear Dirt Sports

You cannot make sense out of stupid.
Continue with the great publication. Dirt Sports is #1.


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I just got back from an amazing camping/riding trip to find my new Dirt Sports Magazine waiting for me! I would like to thank Mari Provenzano for the promise to "fix this" at the Pomona Off Road Show. Then to prove this further, I get a follow up PM regarding my past "subscription" with Advantastar. Sure enough, my address was reconfirmed, and now it looks like we are all back on track. Thank you again for the wonderful mag and getting back your publication! I'm looking forward to my new subscription!
If you have not subscribed or not sure if you should "chance it" well don't worry you will now get more the $20 worth of an action packed magazine!


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As promised by Mari, the December issued arrived, not once, but twice! Thanks to Mari and all the good people at DS for the follow up and great magazine! I knew it would all be okay, even paying cash with no receipt! I read it cover to cover so have two copies to send along to whom ever wants them, postage paid.


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My copies of Dirt Sports ALWAYS arrive on time!
Happy Hollidays to all @ Dirt Sports !!!!!

Devin J

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I get mine every month like clockwork, Thanks Marty! You guys have the BEST mag out there! I'm REALLY looking forward to next month.....

Chris Tobin

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The December issue just arrived in my mailbox today! Great looking issue as always!!! I am very happy to be a very small part of the Dirt Sports team!


Hello everyone - I am sure many of you are wondering where the DVD is that was mentioned in Marty's Driver's Seat in the December issue. Unfortunately, the DVDs did not make it to us by the deadline provided. At the time Marty wrote his Driver's Seat, it was his clear understanding that the DVDs would be delivered and be a part of the December issue. Since the magazine was already printed, there was nothing we could do to change the Driver's Seat. But don't worry about missing out on getting your free DVD as we now have the DVDs on hand, and it, along with the 2011 Motorsports Calendar, will be polybagged with the January 2011 issue (currently at the printers)! Additionally, I am sure that many of you have been receiving your December magazines late. As it was explained to me, December was a bad month due to the weather conditions in the mid-west, north and east coast (which is where our distribution center is located). Trucks were delayed, which caused a delay in the distribution, plus holiday mailings/packages played a role in this as well. We apologize, however, Mother Nature does whatever she wants! We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and thank you all for your continued support to Dirt Sports Magazine!

Mari Provenzano Ryan


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I missed two issues around the same time that this thread was started, I called up and spoke to the same nice lady that always seems to answer the phone (I called before to setup and renew my subscription) and she apologized and said they would send those 2 issues out. I got them 2 days later! Since then I haven't had any problems getting my dirt sports so thanks for taking care of things guys.



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Good thing I found this thread. I got my Dec. issue today (kinda late), and it didn't have the DVD. I wasn't gonna say anything, and just assume the mail-lady stole it, but I'm glad to know it's coming soon.