Riverside Open House !!!


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Ok, it's time to have a open house at our Riverside Ca. school. It will be held on Sat. March 18, 2006 at 4200 Garner Rd. Riverside Ca. 92501. We are going to invite all the sponsors that can make it, and this time we would like to offer anyone with an off road vehicle the opportunity to show their cars or trucks off. We will have the best carne, burgers, dogs, and sodas free to any one that comes. This will also be a good time to come by and see what AlphaMale/Wizfab have to offer. So if you don't have plans for the 18, stop by and say high. If you would like to display a car or truck, PM me or call and let us know so we can save a spot for you. Thanks.
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Sorry guys, we had to postpone the open house for a few weeks due to the rain. When we get and exact date we will let everyone know. Thanks!


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do you guys have a date yet for the open house, or did i miss it?