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rivet nut vs rivet


I am working on a project where I want to powder coat or paint the final product two tone. So originally I was using rivet nuts and a bolt to secure the two pieces to make the final assembly. I was doing this originally for ease or replacement down the road but now I am not worried about that.

I want to still have pieces attached together to create the assembly so I have been thinking of using traditional rivets. Question is will a single rivet over a span of 1 per 12" be sufficient or do rivets get there strength based on like aerospace applications where they are spaced so closely together?

basically I want to use rivet in place of a rivet nut and bolt because they are easier / quicker to install.


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Rivets on planes are close together due to the skin being so thin. With thicker material you can space them out more. If you all ready have the holes at bolt clearance size, you will have to updrill them for the next size rivet. Hole sizing is very import to joint life with rivets.

If your going to rivet, invest in cleco's if you don't have them all ready.