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Riviera Trailer theft


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Within the last week Nick Baldwin's Trailer was ripped off in Irvine. It's the red one that hauls the Red Ranger pre-runner. Its Red, with spare tires on the front, fuel tank underneath, dual axle on Alcoa's....


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Where in the hell does someone think they are going to hide a trailer to size/ shape/ color of a Fire Engine. The sheer stupidity of people amazes me.

Build it like a Rhino, and Leave it be.


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You'd be suprised! When our 20' flatbed car hauler and 24' enclosed trailer (with race car in it!) was stolen, the guys who stole them altered the look of the trailers immediatly. New paint for the flatbed, removed the tire rack, a little less aluminum on the enclosed, some new fenderwell flairs, new flooring. If it hadn't been for the uniqueness of the racecar and some mods we did on the trailers we never would have got them back. Luckily we recovered most everything. They had a ring of guys who would steal from one area and transport them within days to either AZ or San Diego. Less likely to be noticed in a new area. Getting a trailer re-registered is pathetically easy!!

I hope they find it!


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Post a picture so we know what it looks (looked) like! It might help to know what I am looking for.