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RJ37 Presented By Polaris RZR - EP1 - ROOTS


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For the past two years, Polaris RZR has employed Mad Media and UTVUnderground.com to document the career of RJ Anderson and his RJ37 race program. After hundreds of hours of filming and capturing RJ's first two full seasons as a Pro 2 driver, Episode 1 of the new RJ 37 Polaris RZR Video Series is here.

Follow along as we take you through RJ's 'ROOTS" and give you a rare glimpse into the history of the young off-road racing champion. From his early years as a Trophy Kart racer through to his amazing XP1K performances, Episode 1 brings you inside the making of a champion.

Stay glued to RJ Anderson's Facebook page and to UTVUnderground.com throughout the coming weeks and months as we continue to drop new episodes highlighting the career, accomplishments and shenanigans surrounding RJ Anderson and his RJ37 race team!

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RJ Anderson

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Adult models - 16 and older. Be sure to get safety training. The vehicle displayed in this video is not intended for on-road use. Driver must be 16 years old with a valid driver's license. Passenger must be 12 years old, and tall enough to use hand holds and plant feet firmly on floor. Always use cab nets, wear seatbelts, helmets, eye protection, and protective clothing. Do not operate on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. Riding and alcohol/drugs don't mix! Never carry more than the appropriate amount of passengers. Follow all warnings/instructions in owner's manuals and on product. UTV Underground, Mad Media and their affiliates are not responsible for injuries that may occur from emulating or copying the riding, driving, or stunts performed in this video. Visit www.rohva.org for more information on safe operation off-road vehicles.


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Sweet video RJ. See you this weekend.