Road Racing

I'm new to the road racing, and I was wondering if N.A.S.A. would be a good place to start rather than S.C.C.A. I've got some drag racing experience, but none for road racing and was curious to what would be the best way to go. I appreciate feedback on this. Thanks


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I have heard from a guy who is the chief rescue vehicle driver at most of the scca races and a competitor at nasa that nasa is way more low key and cheeper to get started....


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I heard they are also way more lax on the rules/categories, so you don't have to be so picky on which car or class you want ot get into. Definitely the way to go to get your feet wet. I'd recommend going to a few races first to check out the scene and pick out a car and class. You might even be able to find a finished car & trailer from someone a lot cheaper than building one and then you can start racing right off the bat instead of wasting the next 2 years building a car.