Rob Mac Curiosity question


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Oct 10, 2002
RDC Crypto
Mexicali Baja Mx
Rob its the man, knowing him from a lot of time ago, my very first TT ride was back in 03 at Primm day after the race, he stayed to test BFG tires all day in the Geiser Bros/Vildosola Racing TT#4 and at that time i use to help and work with Gus and Tavo, part of the crew stayed to help and other went back home, after the first 200 test miles or so and 3 sets of rear tires, the BFG eng, took a rest and he started to give us a full speed rides to keep testing tires and compounds, he asked us to wear full race gear to keep us safe and 4 or 5 of us did some laps with him.

still one of my all time highlights in off road racing.