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Robbie Interview


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Looks like Robby is standing his ground on his little incidents last year. Good for him. Good luck this year. Lets see a top 10 in points at the season finale.


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According to what I heard from someone who attended the Whiplash awards......Robby Gordon will be in Parker. 4 Trophy Trucks in Parker and about 160 entrants so far.

I would have never imagined that there would be so many active Trophy Trucks this year.

So far 4 in Parker and 11 in Laughlin makes FIFTEEN TROPHY TRUCKS racing.

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i never got to see any of the factory trucks of the late '80s through the mid90s except for a lot of pics from the I-net. so seeing all these TTrucks racing, new and old, is way cool. would've like to seen the rough riders in action though.
did get to visit the old simon & simon shop once in '92, i was a parts delivery driver at the time and their concrete shop foreman(mike) was really cool, showed me the race trucks being prepped for the 1000.
also showed me the Ln9000 ford tractor/trailer they had parked behind the shop, everything was painted accordingly in FoMoCo racing trim. the floors in the race shop were " white linolium " i'll never forget that. anyway thanks Mike; who's now retired somewhere in Parker, AZ. who knows maybe i'll run in to him in a few weeks.