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Robby G / Nascar


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He's back! He'll be driving the #7 car at the Sears Point race replacing Mike Wallace. In case nobody has noticed, since his departure from the Kodak team, his replacement has not performed any better. They just released his old crew chief.
Just a little useless info for everybody!


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That's what Jimmy Smith stated on Jayski.com, RG has a proven record when it comes to road courses. Here's the entire post from Jayski.com:

Musgrave at Pocono in #7? UPDATE 3 in the #7, Gordon at Sears point: Ted Musgrave, who drives the #1 Mopar Dodge truck for Ultra Motorsports and owner Jim Smith was supposed to drive the #00 Buckshot Racing Chevy in the BGN race at Kentucky. But supposedly called to tell them he had another ride in the Cup race at Pocono this weekend and couldn't drive the #00 and suggested Tim Fedawa for the ride(which is who will drive the #00). What ride does Musgrave have for Pocono? Before Wally Dallenbach was announced in the #33 Oakwood Homes ride, Musgrave was rumored to be driving the #33. Other rumors floating around are Musgrave as a replacement for current #7 driver Mike Wallace, the #7 is also owned by Jim Smith, or possibly a 2nd Ultra Motorsports Ford as Musgrave is supposed to drive a 2nd Ultra Motorsports Ford(or Dodge at the Brickyard 400(6-13-2001)
UPDATE: nothing confirmed but again hearing Musgrave in at Pocono and a new twist, hearing Robby Gordon in the #7 at Sears Point
UPDATE 2: Ted Musgrave is in Ultra Motorsports' #7 Ford for the Pocono 500 after team owner Jimmy Smith said he needed to have an answer to why his team had struggled to qualify this season with driver Mike Wallace. Smith said Thursday morning Robby Gordon will drive the #7 car at Sears Point next weekend but that he expected Wallace to return for the July 7 Pepsi 400 at Daytona when the team plans to unveil a new speedway car. The owner stressed that Wallace had not been fired.(NASCAR.com)(6-14-2001)
UPDATE 3: comments from #7 Owner Jim Smith - "It's no secret that our performance hasn't been where we want it to be, especially over the past few weeks, and everybody at Ultra Motorsports is doing everything they can to get over this hump and figure things out. We're grateful to Ted Musgrave, who is going to help us out this week at Pocono, and to Robby Gordon, who is going to help us out next week at Sears Point, by driving the NationsRent Taurus and giving us an independent evaluation of where we need to concentrate our improvement efforts. Ted's record at Pocono has been a good one, and he can offer our guys a really good evaluation of what we have for that particular track. Robby's road course record, and his record at Sears Point, speaks for itself, and we think he can offer a lot to what we are trying to do. For the most part, nothing has changed. This will give us some good feedback regarding our team, and we anticipate Mike Wallace being back in the NationsRent Taurus for the race at Daytona."(Williams Company)(6-15-2001)

John Bitting

Thanks Clifford. NationsRent Tauras sounds funny. I am going to call them and say, " I want to rent a car like the one Robby was driving today" I dont think they will have one. :)


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No problem John. Hopefully RG can pull this one off and breath some life into his Nascar career. As demonstrated on this forum, RG has the talent to be successful; he just needs to pilot the right car with an adequate amount of financial backing. Does NationsRent offer insurance in the event he doesn't realize he's going roundy-round and head for the dirt parking lot?


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I have been following this .....If I remember correctly Robby suggested that the #4 car's chassis program was way off, he offered to use his old chassis and was turned down, then let go. So now the #4 car is finishing NO better than when Robby was there....Now guess what, #4 car is replacing ALL of there chassis, and will not make any changes to them! They should have listened to Robby when they had the chance, he was telling them what they needed to do to get competative, and blew him off. Sorry 'bout this NON-Dez post, but after watching that latest Robby video from the 500, got me pumped!