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Robby G


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Well Robby had another heartbreak today. Running right there for the win, and the car caught on fire. What a let down. i am sure he will have a ride for next year though. He has done pretty well in the 31 car, especially on the road courses. I heard this is his last race in that car though. Maybe he will be at Primm, or the Nevada 500 in his TT, because I know it is ready to go because he spent a week here at his house testing the thing about a month ago.


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Robby Gordon’s chances to redeem himself with a road course win went up in smoke on lap 58. After making a routine pit stop, he returned to the track only to have the driver’s compartment fill up with smoke, forcing him back into the pits. With smoke billowing from the car, Gordon piled out unhurt.

Robby Gordon finished 40th.

The telemetry box used by NBC to monitor rpms, speed and braking allegedly had caught fire and began smoking due to a problem with the batteries.

“NASCAR owes me one,” the driver of the No. 31 said. “We had the car (to beat). I’m disappointed because this team worked so hard the last couple of weeks. We came here and tested and qualified up front.

“To go out of the race with something that’s not driver-related or team-related is a huge disappointment


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Funny how NBC never mentioned that on air! I bet Robby is freakin' hot! (no pun intended) One of the guys on the ESPN NASCAR show even picked Robby to win!

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This just in! As reported on Jayski.com:

UPDATE 5: Richard Childress said that he wouldn't make the announcement or talk about it until the first part of the week, but it has been learned that the Cingular Wireless Phone Company will be the primary sponsor on the #31 Chevy currently sponsored by Lowe's. Still no word on who will drive the car. Current #31 driver, Mike Skinner, still has a year left on his contract with RCR(Insider Racing News) AND hearing Robby Gordon has signed a 3-year deal with RCR to drive the #31 Cingular Chevy(8-17-2001)


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Skinner qualified 19th, so he's back in the car, any word on Robby at Primm or the Nevada 500?

John Bitting

RCR racing has let Mike Skinner go his contract will be up at the end of the season. This makes way for the Rumor of Robby signing the three year contract to drive the cingular wireless car for RCR. Hopefullly there will be an announcement made this week...


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According to one of Robbys good friends the truck is back east being prepped for the baja 1000.


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Being prepped? It looked in darn good shape the beggining of July when he was in Parker. Looked like it had already been prepped after the 500 and the way they were testing looked like it was going to Primm. They didnt enter the drawing though so I guess the 1000 it is. Thanks for the info.