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ROBBY GORDON (as seen by Klaus and I) :-)



There were may other "big air" spots on the course. Some with spectators and others without a soul around. I wonder how much air he got at those locations.

Hated by Eco-Freaks and Bob Yen.


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You watch that and then tell me some lame azz NASCAR race is the bomb!!! I don't think so! Not to many people have what it takes to drive like Robby.



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<font color=red>GREAT VIDEO!!!<font color=red>



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That video is why I love racing.



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Praise the lord for he has risen and so have I! RG is a stud who is capable of driving a John Deere through baja at speeds that break the sound barrier.


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All I can say is SHOW ME MORE!!!

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Going over a jump that he knows from Pre-running is one thing (granted, he flew that one) but what impresses me is how Robby drives at that level everywhere on the course. We were at the water tank at Tres Hermanos, and Robby made the dog-leg turn through the cattle gate 20 mph faster than anyone else. He never slowed, set it up, and powered though 6 inchs off the inside fence poll. When 90 percent of the "Racers" are just driving around the course, the other 10 percent make it the most exciting form of motorsport. Millions of people watched the Indy 500 and saw him lead the first 25+ laps only to drop back with a poor car, only the eight people who saw him through the gate will ever know of that brilliance.



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Dude there is one thing they call that. That is "pure talent". Have you ever watched him go through the start finish area at the Fireworks race in Barstow. He is the fastest and the smoothist. Robbys
the [censored] he has the skills.Pluse that is the privlage of pre-running.


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Even in flat spots Robby stands out. We were sitting at a hairpin turn south of Erindira when he came through. Everyone else slowed and took the turn relatively slow, but Robby threw the truck into a slide and went around the turn in a sideways slide like he was dirt track racing in a sprint car! Even though he was way down on time, he was putting on quite a show.


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jdfab do you have any other shoot of any other drivers?



Robby is a showoff.

And I don't mean that in a bad way. I love the show and wish we could see more RG action.


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Tell me about it. The checker pit called me about 5-8 min after i passed them on the beach " you better watch out robby just past us hauling ass". now that is the radio call that you do not want to hear when you are in a 12 car.

Gabe Lara

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Talk about a "pucker factor", Frank!

I think the main thing about RG, and makes me such a fan, is that he came from the desert, and always comes back when he can, staying close to his roots..... not to mention he'll drive the wheels off of anything he pilots.


Well said, RG grew up racing motocross and then desert with 4 wheels...The first desert race he entered he won his class...How crazy is that??? He's been the famous "out-of-control" with the "most control" driver since. Keep on Truckin'



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I'd love to see this video. But it aint there anymore.

How about updating the link.