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Robby Gordon Textron


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I would love to know what modifications Robby Gordon's Wildcat XX had before it raced the Baja 1000. I know there is an aftermarket company working with him (or he owns it - not sure) and they sell parts. But which of those parts does he use? For example while his top roof plate looks like the aftermarket one, the aftermarket one is fiberglass and I am not sure that is legal in SCORE. Maybe it is? What about the roll cage? I am not even sure I saw one for sale on the aftermarket site.

Anyone know how far from stock was his UTV? The goal, i suppose of the aftermarket company he is involved with, is to be able to race outfit a UTV, but are the parts actually available? Would be real cool to see the parts list and prices to make a new Wildcatt XX like his.


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Speed SXS is Robby and Todd Romano's company. If you are on Facebook Todd will answer any questions you have.


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Lots of parts here. Collections

I think the only thing the cage needs to be legal is to be permanently welded to the car, and fixed door bars added (depending on race series). The link above has seats, window nets, tuning stuff, etc.

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Look at Ray Bullochs car that won the V2R in NA class.
Pretty stock. (except the safety stuff, clutch work, shock work and a tune)
I saw it at the Sand Show...Looks pretty stock. Inc the 64 wide suspension setup. (probably actually like 68-70 with wheels/tires)