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Robby Gordon


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I didn't see the cup race but I see that RG finished 7th in the 31 car. That should go along way towards securing a full time ride in that car next season.

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Yeah, started 42nd and moved all the way up to 6th, until Rosey Cheeks had to pass him with like 1 lap to go. A 7th for RG is really good though.


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They definitely need to work on their qualifying set up. Does he have enough provisionals left to make into the last 4 races?

"The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein
FYI - WC Provisional starts are available for any team unlike 1997 when only teams in the Top 40 of
owner's points could use one. Note that provisional eligibility is determined by the points order for
the car OWNERS, not the drivers. In the first four races of the year, car owner standings from the
previous season are used. After that the standings from the current season are taken instead. Each
team is given four provisional starts to use after the fourth race of the season. The team is then
given one additional provisional after the 8th, 16th, 24th, and 32nd race in which they attempt to
qualify. Don't know how many the owner has left.



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Jeff G passed RG with several laps to go. RG is pre-running Mexico this week. RUMOR has it Jeff Green will drive the 31 while RG races baja. JUST RUMOR KIDS, I haven't talked to RG.

And yes, a top 10 in NASCAR is a very good finish, in my humble opinion.


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RG is in the 31 ride next year. Childress confirmed it when he responded to media questions after the Cup race on Sunday. There has yet to be an official announcement but expect one sometime before Atlanta.


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That would explain why Robby is doing the 1000. If I were auditioning for a job I don't think I would be all to eager to miss a weekend even if it is for the 1000. He must have known the job was his.


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That's what I've wondered why he would forgo an opportunity to demonstrate his talents for Childress to compete in what is now his hobby, and not a day job. I suppose this will be one of the last few times we will see RG in the TT unless it's in Glamis. Nascar has the longest running season of all professional sports. Below is a link to an article on Nascar.com which discusses the relationship of RG and Childress.



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Great article. I really think a lot of other drivers and owners in other motorsports respect off road drivers and their abilities regardless of the publicity the races and drivers get. I mean look at all of the drivers recently to make the jump to circle track, and they have all been sucessfull. Johnson, Gaughn, and Gordon just to name a few, not to mention many others in the past such as mears, and even walker who had a short stint on the truck series. I even think maccachren was supposed to drive a truck that first year as well.


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Rob did race the #12 Venable racing truck in the first season of the Super truck series and even won a race. Dave Ashley and Steve McEachern raced too!

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