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Robby Gordon

John Bitting

Anouunced officially

. Childress told reporters that he and Robby Gordon had reached agreement on a multi-year contract to put the star-crossed driver in the No. 31 car.

Then he failed to qualify for the Napa500 this weekend..

Congrats to Robby on the new deal..


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Marleen told me about it at Baja but I had to promise her I wouldn't say anything until the after the Atlanta PC. Sure is nice to see him in a full time ride with a great team. I guess they are sharing all info with all teams at RCR unlike what they were doing when Dale Earnhardt was the driver. All cars will be built in the same shop and All info shared. It will be interesting.
It would be nice to see Robby at laughlin with the Black Ford with the cingular #31 on the truck. I'm pretty sure Laughlin is the only race date he will have open unless he is testing for Daytona which is a possibility. I planted the seed in Robby's ear about Laughlin, sure hope he gives it some thought. Be a bummer to let that truck sit all year! Cross your fingers.

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Sounds like Robby hasnt changed a bit gets a good deal then goes and screws up and doesnt quilify for a race . That a boy Robby keep it up


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Hey allmosta7 wheres your profile? I dont see you with a factory ride!


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Robby came through Borrego like he was on fire ... WAY over-shot the oblique left-hander at the end of the south pit straight. Did a massive RH U-y and dusted, scattered EVERBODY!

The crowd all cracked another caguama ...

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Hey Rory,

The truck, Semi and Tractor is for sale for a cool $475,000.

Get out that checkbook!