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Robby Gordon's Speed Energy Drink harder to find than Bigfoot


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What's the story with Robby's Speed Energy Drink why is it so hard to find? I like the orange flavor fuel but I can never find it and when I do find it the store usually runs out of it pretty quickly and the distributor doesn't come back for months or never comes back and when I asked the owner of the liquor store where I was buying it at he doesn't know when they're going to get more and he wishes they would take all the other flavors back and just bring the orange fuel because no one wanted to buy the other flavors. @RobbyGordon #RobbyGordonI hope you read this and you can fix your distributor problems I can't support you if I can't find your Speed Energy Fuel
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Only place I could ever count on to find it was Herbst in Parker but they ran out for like a year. They finally had some restocked this year during the 425. If I buy an energy drink it's usually an impulse buy. Who really orders them from the Internet?

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