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Robby in glamis?

I just got back from there a few hours ago and he is already there. He has been there since last night at least because I saw his trailer there last night. My guess would be tomorrow he will be jumping and I heard from someone a rumor of a New Years jump at exactly Midnight monday!

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nah sorry, i had car problems before i left so i just loaded up my bike onto the shag-waggon (my van) and only made it to plaster city? Anybody else make it to glamis and see Robby?

victor fabian
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I was at Glamis from Thurs.-Sun. I didn't see Robby in the Trophy Truck until Saturday night at the bottom of Comp Hill. Everybody was swarming him as he cruised the rows. He did do one cool thing I saw: There were some punks digging pretty deep ditches (I saw a few people crash in them) and Robby kinda just cruises through them. But then he turns around and hammers it and flies right through them! Everybody was cheering, it was great. But ditch diggers have no place out there. Too bad I don't have it on film though. I heard he jumped the Olds double a few times on Sunday too.
I was at Glamis from Friday till Tuesday night and I never even saw him cruising around, I was pissed but oh well, I did get one of the shirts Rory made up its really nice( Robby Gordon New Years 2002).


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I didnt see robby in glamis but me and a few friends went racing Wensday night at Dromo 1 and he was there with alot of people i guess for his birthday. After our race him and his buddys raced for a little while, robby was the fastest car out there of course but then he was also black flaged for nerfing. It was rather interesting to watch him race those things! Good luck to Robby next year!