Robby and I just got back from NYC. We had the most unbelievable day. The day started off inocently enough with Richard and Robby presenting the NYFD with a check for about $203,000. The were very appreciative. Robby was insistant that the money go towards the children and wives of the fallen.

After that Robby and I accepted the invitation to go to battailon 8, one of the fire stations downtown. Not many race fans amongst this group, but they soon warmed up and certainly will be Robby fans for life.

In Gordon type fashion Robby insisted on driving the fire truck. The sight of Robby wheeling the hook and ladder truck throught the busy streets on NY will never be forgotten. I think we only hit one taxi - and he deserved it.

We stayed with all the guys for lunch and then when out with the guys on a couple calls. I heard Jeff was unsettled on his trip with the fire department, but Robby lit up like a Christmas tree at the thought of going. The paramedics beat us to the scene, but it was awesome to see how they cruise throught traffic downtown, with all the bells and whistles flailing.

After that we had a police escort to ground zero of the world trade center. The have done an icredible job of removing the debris. It was a moving experience.

True to form, Robby needed to operate on of the huge demolition cranes, proof once again that he can and will drive anyting.

We were invited to the RJR dinner they were hosting for their team that was putting on the banquet. Dinner was at Bruno's - the food and company was awesome.

After dinner we retired to the bar at the Waldorf-Astoria. Nice Place. Michael Waltrip, Dale JR, I and others urged Robby to go to Jeff's Championship party. With out hesitation we were there. Every head in the house spun as we walked in. You could see everybody beginning to smile and whisper. Robby was having fun. We ate and drank for about a half hour, and finally Michael brought Robby and Jeff together. Jeff is a true champion and both Robby and Jeff were comfortable with each other and had a good time with it.

We left and went to hogs and heffers. I guess it's the bar the fimed coyote ugly at. We had way to much fun. End of story.

I'll get some pictures up soon.


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Have you seen Robby's website since they updated it. Under personal, they ask him 30 questions. One of the questions was who is your hero. Robby's response was Jeff Gordon. How funny is that.

"We've done so much with so little for so long, we can do anything with nothing!"