Robert Acer and the current state of off-road

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nice very nice... it would be interesting if he buys Score and what he could do to it.. maybe take it back to its roots.


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Acer calls a change in the Off-Road
GSM team leader said there are very delicate points for working in the Low and specifically Score International
Saturday, November 28, 2015



Robert Acer.Photo: Gabriel García / El Vigia

Robert Acer continues to provoke many emotions in the Off-Road, as his mysterious identity has moved to second place thanks to the support given to the community of Baja California and his childhood without asking something in return.

The mysterious vigilante of the Rias who did not participate in the last 1000 miles for different reasons, acknowledged that the sport needs to go in a different direction now and it is included Score International.

Acer who first appeared in the 2013 edition of the Baja 1000, mentioned that the outlook looks uncertain off-road, as they are not taking the right decisions and that goes from the certainty as to the spectators and transparency as decisions of the same skills, and how to present it, as happened with a person who died in last 1000.

Asked about if he would buy the company that founded the late Mickey Thompson and then gave all its brilliance Sal Fish, the US ruled that he does not know if Roger Norman has in mind to sell the company, even if it had that opportunity would not hesitate to buy, saying it plans to give life to a new racing series, designed for fans and riders with more affordable costs unlike Score.

To the mysterious pilot, what happens in Score is easy to explain, "there are good projects, people with great ability, but there are not always good leaders in them, even without knowing the background of many things, but I see in the community Off-Road professionalism as seen in other types of motor sport events such as the Dakar or events like the Ferrari series. "

After the great performance of the Mexican Navy in World Championship 2015 Score International by Apdaly Lopez, Tavo Vildósola and Lalo Laguna, Robert Acer congratulated them, especially tecatense whom he described as an example for this country and stepped Aztec history with the first crown in the Trophy Trucks, something that had never been seen in the Off-Road.

Mysterious celebration in Italy
As part of the Ferrari series that dates had this year in Europe and Asia, Acer achieved its first win of the season, success came on Italian soil.

The leader of the GSM team was excited to win in the Italian series, as he said, "is totally different competition paving a way out."

Before this victory, the American runner decided to shape the Week Ferrari in Sano's restaurant, where your vehicle will be on display competition and will be in charge for the fans, asking only to be respectful of the venue.

A special menu is also performed and all of the food collected will go to different schools of Ensenada it supports Acer, all as a way to give back something to the community of this port.