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Do you think side by sides reduced the resale value of rock crawler Jeeps? I built my rock crawler with the best of everything back when we were building the trails that are now KOTH tracks. I never expected to get anywhere close to what I have into it but wow, have built Jeeps values plummeted. My $60k build will likely only get me $12k now. Do you think the flood of side by sides on the market drove the rock crawler prices down because people can just go buy a new sxs for $20k?


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My 2 cents:
The problem with rock crawlers is that most of them cannot be financed. The explosion of sxs sales is due to the ease of financing them. I have seen plenty of people who were looking at a crawler and ended up with sxs due to the fact they could easily finance it. If you are like me you paid as you built without finance (maybe some credit card use). All you have to do is the Off Road Expo in Pomona or the OC Sand Show and visit the Bert's Mega Mall UTV booth- you can see the many finance options offered.


Take a look at the depreciation on a BMW 7 Series. Some will say it's in the 70% (or higher) range after only 4 to 5 years of ownership. So that 2014 model year $80,000+ car is now worth $24,000 on the used market. It's still a good car but big money doesn't want to buy used stuff. Not until the next economic downturn. Somebody that's got $60,000 to spend on a toy is going to want the most bang for his or her buck. Are the parts on your Rock Crawler still the best the industry has to offer? Does it have all the bells and whistles the new builds have? The buyers with stacks of $100's burning a hole in their gun safe doesn't want a project either so the SxS purchase might make more sense than a Crawler.

Eventually the current crop of SxS will be old news too and the $60,000+ UTV builds will be as hard to sell as a Rhino 660 and worth about the same.



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Depends on the rock crawler and what it is. To true rock crawlers there still worth it. Just depends on how the fads go and how many people and $ are chasing them. A sxs is nothing close to a real rock buggy. Nor is it close to a rock Jeep (all levels included). People like to go slow and have a heater roof a/c enclosed cab all there stuff ect. SXS is a big market just for the reasons mentioned in the other posts. It will help the over all off road market in the long run. People got tired of the big rocks, then went adventure wheeling and now i think there getting bored and will be back to the big rocks. if ya keep somthing for 20 to 30 years it bridges the fads. haha

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Yea, all good points. My crawler is custom frame, integrated roll cage, King smoothies with 38.50 boggers on Dana 60 front and 14 bolt rear, full Detroit lockers w 5.38 gears, hydraulic steering, 400hp new motor and built turbo 400. Body is 64 CJ6. I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best any more but gonna be a shame to see it go.
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give it away hopefully to someone who enjoys it. Or just keep it for the few times a year ya may use it if ya think ya just giveing it away. That is if ya have room.


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Its just the way it is......we pay to play. and the price jus doesnt matter
I went into a local sxs shop on xmas eve a few years ago to buy the kids hoodies/hats and ended up signing up for a new polairis that i instantly fell in love with
my mud truck{avitar} ive dumped $200k into and its somewhat worthless. my prolite and ministock same story im never getting that loot back,but i love offroading so its ok
oh and my sxs ya 34 more payments and its all mine

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I have no regrets either. I will just take the kick in the nuts when I sell it. I absolutely need room in my garages though so it’ll be worth taking that kick. Better to sacrafice my rock crawler than my race car. 😎
Rock crawlers are a niche market. There is only a very small amount of the population who is willing to put out big money on a custom rock crawler, and then also be willing to work on it to maintain/repair it or pay someone to do so. The larger market wants to get in and go, so yes, I'd say UTV's have de-valued crawlers some because they now offer the larger market what it wants - turn key and go. For the right niche buyer, the value will be there. Your challenge will be finding that buyer.