Rock Stars & the Sierra Club....Shame on Them !!


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Shame on these people.....the celebrities shouldn't put their noses where they don't belong.....they should stay in what they know best...Fantasyland.

Rock Stars Join Sierra Club in Opposing Bush´s Energy Plan

Take a variety of impassioned rock stars, an illogical Bush Energy Plan,
add former Sierra Club president Adam Werbach and what do you get? An
organized effort called Save Our Environment using concerts and celebrities
to mobilize thousands of fans to save the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and fight
the administration´s energy proposals. From Mike D of the Beastie Boys to
David Crosby to Alanis Morrisette, a variety of musicians are speaking out
at their concerts and encouraging their fans to get active. Sierra Club
President Jennifer Ferenstein briefed Alanis Morrisette before her Alaska
concert and Sierra Club volunteers have been tabling at concerts gathering
500 to 600 signatures per event.

If we could find out which stars are supporting the Sierra Club, then we could possibly organize a letter writing campaign telling them this is wrong, they don't know the facts, they are just looking good in the public's eye.

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Wanna hurt the Rock Stars that support them, don't buy any of their merchandise, or go to their concerts. Let them get out there and work for a living like I do !!!!!!!!