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ROCKSTAR Hart & Huntington PMG Racing’s Chris Brandt Thrills Arizona Offroad Fans

Lucas Oil Off Road Series held Arizona’s first major short course event at Speed World Motorsports Facility in Surprise, AZ. Rounds 3 & 4 of LOORS, brought two full days of sold out crowds to catch the exciting wheel to wheel action that took place over the weekend. Dan Matthews, owner of Speed World, and his team created an ideal short course venue while creating a fan friendly atmosphere complete with open pits and plenty of interaction with the racers.

Premiere Motorsports Groups very own Lite Truck specialist, Chris Brant in the #82 Toyota entered into the weekend as the #2 contender in the Unlimited Lite division behind Robert Naughton. Both former champions in their own right with a number of accolades achieved throughout their careers, this light truck division has seen some of the most exciting wheel to wheel action so far. Rounds 3 and 4 were nothing short of exhilarating and provided the fans with the best racing of the weekend.

Consistently fast right off the start, Brandt recorded the fastest lap times during the first practice session. Keeping up the pace by qualifying 2nd, Chris later stated on Friday evening “I feel real good and the truck is very fast. I think I have some good lines where the rest of the field may have some trouble. It is all about keeping momentum, and Goodyear has got the tires figured out to help put the traction down.”

Placed way back deep in the field after a four row inversion, Chris Brandt moved the #82 Toyota from seventh to second in the first three turns! By lap two he easily moves by the #33 truck, taking 1st. On lap 3, Brandt extended his lead during a heated 4-way battle between Brian Deegan, Casey Currie, Robert Naughton and Kyle Conlon. Somehow the rookie Conlon used his desert racing skills to get by Deegan and Naughton as they were engaged in a war for second. The rest of the laps were a breeze for the #82 as he laid down fast consistent lap times and smooth line choices. During the restart after the Competition Yellow, Chris Brandt powered into a nice hole shot but it was all for not as Chuck Dempsey was forced into a K-Rail and barrel rolled into a nasty wreck down the moguls. Adding to the carnage the #33 truck got into the back of Kyle Conlon resulting in a complete restart. Brandt’s #82 and Naughton’s #54 were positioned for a wheel to wheel dual during the remaining laps. Nuaghton dives inside and takes the lead. Chris fights back and makes the exchange, and even Deegan comes out of nowhere to stick his nose in. In the end Brandt takes a hard earned 2nd place finish for Round 3.

Chris took to the track early on Sunday during the qualifying session and again laid down consistently fast times, resulting in yet another 2nd place qualifying position. It was well noted by Totally Offroad Radio commentator Jim Holthus “Chris Brandt is owning the mogul rhythm section.” Sometime before the Unlimited Lite Racing of Round 4, the LOORS Officials decided to knock down some of the offset moguls, eliminating Brandt’s advantage who constantly was able to speed through the rough obstacles.

As Round 4 began, the grandstands full of fans, were all on their feet. The Green flag dropped and Brian Deegan aimed his Rockstar Ranger right into the holeshot gaining the lead position. Brandt skillfully steered his Rockstar Toyota right into 2nd coming out of Turn 1. With the moguls coming up Brandt was in position and flew by Deegan to take 1st and proceeded to check out from the rest of the field. Coming around for lap 2 Chris led Deegan and Nuaghton through the high speed sweeping corner of Turn 1. Robert methodically applied pressure to Brian hoping for a mistake. It was evident that the rest of the competitors had finally warmed up as Anthony Verdone along with several others were all on the move . On lap 5 Deegan was in position to capitalize when Brandt slipped up getting a little sideways. Robert moved in and engaged in a 3 way battle for the lead. Deegan showing skills all weekend took off and left Naughton and Brandt to battle wheel to wheel for an entire lap. Chris and the #82 gained control of 2nd but only for a short time as Robert piloted the #54 sideways into the off camber Turn 5 reclaiming 2nd right back. At the Competition Yellow, it is Deegan leading Naughton and Brandt. On the pace lap, the #54 is showing fierce aggression and taps Deegan’s bumper letting him know it is on the next time around. As the green flag comes out Brian un-phased, pulls the field for nearly an entire lap. Robert Naughton skills are unmatched by Deegan and is overtaken after a nice setup into Turn 5. Brandt moves into 2nd after another choice line through the moguls. Deegan fights back and hammers into Turn 5 taking back 2nd. The battles continued throughout the field. Lap after lap challenges are attempted, shutdown, or secured. In the end it would be Robert Naughton and Chris Brandt who have each placed 1 & 2 consecutively during each of the 4 Rounds of LOORS that has taken place.

In excellent contention for the 2009 LOORS Unlimited Lite Championship, Brandt leads the Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group to a full season of double duty Light Truck Racing also committing to the Traxxas Off Road Championship Series. The first event is going down at the Texas Motor Speedway, this weekend May 15th & 16th. With Chris Brandt being the only driver in his division to get the early jump start with 4 heated rounds and 4 consecutive podium finishes already completed, the #82 Toyota is heavily favored to win at Texas against some very stiff competition. Marty Hart, Chad Hord, Jeff Kincaid, and Kyle Leduc to name a few of the talented field who are signed up for this weekend.

“Rockstar Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group is thrilled to have Chris Brandt represent us in two highly competitive off road series for the 2009 season”, said Ryan Busnardo , PMG Team Leader. “Not only do we have an excellent chance to earn two championships in the premiere short course organizations, but we will enjoy double the amount of TV time and exposure throughout many of the top networks. It is a tremendous opportunity for everyone involved. “

Chris Brandt’s Light Truck Short Course Program is made possible by numerous individuals that make up the Premiere Motorsports Group. It is truly a team effort and everyone makes a significant impact by dedicating many hours preparing for each and every battle that is short course racing. The brands like Rockstar Energy, Hart & Huntington, Geico Powersports, Liquid Graphics, Honda of Santa Ana,, Simpson, Chronic Tacos, Lucas Oil, and Goodyear Tire will ensure a number of achievements & results throughout the 2009 season. Additional support from KMC Wheels, JSTAR Motors, National Concrete Cutting, Century Collusion Center, NRGX, Screen Works, Corona Millworks Racing, FNTech, Blurred Motion, and Bully Dog Technologies, compounds the level of accomplishment Premiere Motorsports Group has already attained.

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