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Rod Hall


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So sad to hear this . Seeing magazine pictures of that yellow and white Dodge blasting through the desert was one of my earliest memories of off-road racing


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I and my high school buddy, multi-time SCORE Engine Builder of the Year winner, Mike Evans both worked for Rodney in high school at his Arco stations in Hemet. We both got drafted to pit his and Larry Minor's Jeep in the smaller races and became members of the Stroppe Team for the big races. Rodney helped both of us to get into off-road racing and I am forever grateful. Mikes been gone for a number of years and now Rod Hall. It's a fact of life, but just the way it is. RIP Rodney Hall.

Lord Green

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Rod was always my favorite. The second time i ever went to an off-road race, it was in Plaster City. I remember RH coming up to the start line in his yellow Dodge, with an open face helmet and a big cigar. Instead of roaring off the line and spraying dirt over the place, he just cruised away like he was on a Sunday (or Saturday) drive. I remember thinking, 'this guy is cool". Of course he won the race that day. I was able to sit with him at an early SCORE show and talk about the early days of Baja travel. He was a great man. My condolences to his family. RIP Rod Hall.