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Roll bender recomendations

blue dog

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Any input on a roll bender would be appreciated.

Mainly will be used for 2" .120 wall aluminum.

Not looking for the super high dollar, but something that will stand the test of time, and that is a quality machine without buying a German super car.

Really will only be used for 1/2 dozen projects a year, all related to corporate event/show/concert rigging kinda stuff.



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The Swag Offroad one works really well, especially for the price. We have the harbor freight one with all the Swag upgrades but wish I would have just spent the little bit more money and got the Swag one instead after I used a friends.

blue dog

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Ordered the Baileigh Rm40. Couldn't afford a digital machine. I have one project that will pay for the machine right away, so it was a win win.

Dave In Florida

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Agree on the SWAG. They make all the parts to beef up the HF bender, but by the time you buy all that, you can just buy the SWAG piece which is really nice.

Be forewarned though, the first time we bent chromoly, we blew the jack that comes with the SWAG bender. We then blew another little bottle jack, and damn near ruined a jack from an F350. We had never bent chromo before, that **** is HARD.