Roll cage. . .attaching tubes on the bend or above/below the bend???


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What is "normal", attaching tubes for a roll cage in the middle of a bend or where the tubing is straight?

Seems like you are sacrificing helmet clearance no matter what. . .if you go below the bend you are lowering the height of the forward hoops, if you go the side of the bend then you are placing the forward hoop tubes closer to the helmet (but closer to the roof), and if you go at the middle of the bend you are reducing height of the forward tube and getting closer to the helmet, but not as much in one direction as either of the other two options. . .

. . .just curious what is "normal". . .


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If you're worried about helmet room, you could put a bend at the end of the roof diagonal so it dives into the a pillar bend. You can also land your visor tube a little below the bend on the a pillar while landing the roof diagonal in the middle of the visor tube and the middle of the a pillar.