Roll cage body mounts


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So yeah, tomorrow I'm starting my roll cage with my fabricator. Got a question about where the tubing will pass through the body and mount to the frame. We want to tie the roll cage to the body but aren't sure on which method to use. We have thought about using an exhaust type flange to bolt to the body, or just welding the tube right to the body where it passes through. We have a nice Miller 250DX TIG to work with, but I think it might be hard welding the thin sheet metal to my chromoly (1.5x.120 wall), not to mention trying to get any type of bend through a precise 1.5" hole.

Ideas, suggestions? Anything will be considered and CAN be made. Haven't seen many detailed pictures of "home-brew" prerunner roll cages, any posted would be appreciated.


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cut the hole oversize for your tube to pass threw. Use thin sheet metal to plate the hole back in and weld it up with silicon bronze welding wire....the silicon bronze is softer and will not crack as easily with flexing.

also think about solid body mounts...they will cut down on a lot of the body to cage flex.


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If you are stopping at the floorboard and then continuing underneath the floor then you use a doubler and a gusset to attach the tube to. Use it on both sides of the sheet metal(hence the term doubler). If you are going straight through the floor and to the frame in one shot do as Jon said and make the whole oversized but I would leave it oversized and thenweather proof the whole...that way it will be less noisy if you are using it as a daily driver. Also the solid body mounts are a good idea too because you will have less trouble with the cage wacking the cab when it the cab flexes, which I have seen on quite a few trucks or take the easy way out and plate the upper tubes to the pillar of the cab also and then they can all move in sync instead of hitting.

So who is "my fabricator" and why are you having him build you a life saving device if he does not already know these things?

My 2 cents.

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My fabricator is a guy who has been welding all his life and has made several heavy (6K to 10K pounds) load carrying devices for our shop. The reason I am asking is because it's a matter of decision. There are so many ways to do it, I just wanted to take ideas. Its not like he is set in stone on how to do it or anything, I'm sure he could suggest 100 different ways and which is the strongest.


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Punch out the body hole to about 2-1/2" slide 4"x6" plates with the 1-3/4 hole in them above and below the body on the cage tubing. Install the cage, lightly jack up the body to get the body mounts into a neutral position and weld the lower plate to the cage. Let the jack down and drill through the upper plate/body/lower plate then bolt it together. The only problem would be the "squish" of the body, if you have any factory bumps, you'll want to sandwich them together before welding the upper plate to the cage. The only downside to all this is there's no way the body is coming off for service but it also won't blow up body mounts either. Curt

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