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Roll cage rules for stock full class 2016


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I'm building a stock full class truck but I can't find the cage rules anywhere I raced the 500 back in 2012 in class 11 but I wanted to move on up to stock full I'm building a 4x4 1990 Dodge Ram but trying to figure out all the cage specs so if someone could help me with that I would appreciate it thanks

J Prich

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Talking SCORE right? Because I'm fairly confident that BITD does not have stock full now.


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DOM at a minimum. Mild steel for a cage is not good. Especially short course. Better chance than not it will get crashed or upside down.


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DOM can be mild steel or chromoly, DOM simply means it's drawn over a mandrel vs. ERW tubing with a seam. . .so saying DOM doesn't really completely answer the question.

You should use DOM vs. ERW, but the rules (at least SCORE) allow both mild steel and chromoly.


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I've ordered a lot of tubing, from many different places. When I want mild steel DOM, I say "I wan't DOM", the mild steel is implied, when I want 4130, I order 4130-the DOM is implied. I don't use much HREW for anything other than mock-up pieces.

It is pretty standard nomenclature.