Roof Mounted Light Bar Engineering competition


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Hey All,

Local Motors is building a baja capable vehicle called the Rally Fighter!

We are now running our first-ever engineering competition. Click HERE to see the competition page!

The competition is to design a Roof Mounted Light Bar for the Rally Fighter!

Here are a few of the entrants so far:

braunarsch: "LMRF roof-light experiment"

FILSKI: "Rally Fighter roof lights"

As you can see, their designs and skills are exponentially better than mine!

The competition is CAD based, with each participant using their own CAD software skills to design a Roof Mounted Light Bar that will mount to the chassis of the Rally Fighter.

To reach this goal, and the ultimate goal of Local Motors, we are making the roof section of the Rally Fighter chassis available for everyone!

As you can see in the images above (mainly in braunarsch's), the designers of these light bars rely on the actual frame and light igs files.

And if that’s not cool enough…the winning designer gets their name on the actual light bars, $500, and a Solidworks software seat! Its a truly amazing prize.

Click HERE to download the actual Rally Fighter chassis and light igs files.

All of us at Local Motors are extremely excited to see more entries! Come compete!

Tell us what you think!
That hood sure looks too high in the rendition.