Ross Hoek eats it at Texas


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thanks for posting guys, had a heck of a run through the rythms that time, guess i hit the table top too fast. surprisingly my knee hurts the worst from hitting the dash, i went forward about 5" when i hit the first time, i wish i hadn't forgotten my Head restraint but my new ISP seat did a heck of a great job holding onto me with that hard side hit. the safety guys did a great job making sure i was ok before they let me try to get out of the truck on my own, thankfully i was just a little sore from that one, i know it would have been worse with out my ISP seat.

a couple things:
don't EVER forget your HANR!
pad your dash bars by your knees!
at least look into a full containment seat, i loved mine the first lap and loved it more after this wreck!