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Royal motorsports class one?


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does anybody know anything about these? saw the one in the classifieds and looked at the website looks like a real nice car but i have never heard of them and there is not much info on the website.

Robin Hood

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Best to stick with a brand name in this market, not a startup. But Goodluck to Royal, I wish you guys good fortune.


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I have seen them at the off-road expo... pretty nice tig welds and seemed to be designed right.


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Company is Royalty Motorsports. Yes they are new but they have done a great job on being thorough with their design. Defenitily high end parts. I did the Control arms for them but the entire chassis & geometry is theirs. Very nice stuff, easily a contender with a good driver..


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Car looks very nice for what I can see. Good luck guys but this is not the greatest time to start an offroad car company?
Just picked up one of their chassis that was listed in the classifieds. Does anybody have any contact info for these guys so that I can get some info on the car and specs for the parts that it was designed with? Any help would be great.


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i was working with them cutting tube laser parts for their chassis back in 07 so they are not "new"


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This is funny