Rugged Relay Vehicle Breakdown


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Rugged Radios is excited to announce the new purpose-built Rugged Relay Vehicle. The Rugged Relay Vehicle is designed to provide the best race communication relay services to teams and drivers competing in the Best In The Desert off road racing series.

The Rugged Relay is a state-of-the-art communication vehicle built to travel to remote locations and provide critical race team support. Starting off with an all new aluminum body Ford F150 4-Wheel Drive Extra Cab from Team Ford in Las Vegas and outfitted with a custom built pop-up camper from 4-Wheel Campers is the ultimate platform for traveling to remote locations and providing comfort while on the mountain top. To increase the off road performance Camburg Engineering outfitted the Rugged Relay Vehicle with an innovative Uniball A-Arm system. Not only does the Camburg system increase travel it eliminates the weak point in the suspension. Balance it out with Fox Bypass shocks and we have the ultimate in off road control. Additionally, General Tire and KMC wheels sent the latest in on road and off road performance wheels and tires. KMC Machete wheels give a wider track for more stability and the General All Terrain tires provide great off road traction and quiet street performance.

Manned by a two person team, the Rugged Relay Vehicle has everything from high powered Vertex VX6000 radios, satellite internet service, cell phone amplifier, and other critical communication equipment allowing the best race team to driver support. Simply switch to the Rugged Relay channel and let the team jump into action. Whether you need to reach your driver or find their location the Rugged Relay is there to provide the best possible race support.

To top off the build, Nick with NV Fab took the Relay Vehicle to the next level with a custom built bumpers featuring dual swing out racks to hold a 2000 watt Honda generator and spare tire. NV Fab also custom installed two 20ft. telescoping antennas and making the vehicle ready for long range communications. For early morning and late nights KC HiLites came through with the ultimate lighting package. The LED bars make it easy to find the perfect parking spot on the mountain top and the roof mounted Cyclones illuminate the top to be seen from miles around.

The purpose built Rugged Relay Vehicle is always at the ready to support the off road race community. Debuted at the infamous Mint 400 with rave reviews, the Rugged Team is focused on expanding their capabilities in this fast paced industry. No matter how long the race or how bad the conditions the Rugged Relay is ready to take off road race communications to the next level.

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