Rules of conduct on our message board revisted

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Mar 22, 2001
Trinidad and Tobago
Rules of conduct on our message board:

These rules are simple and will hopefully eliminate some of the nonsense that we have been seeing in the past. We assume you agree to these rules if you post here.

- In order for a newly registered user to be able to participate in posting his/her profile needs to filled out completely. That includes your real name and some of the bio, occupation, favorite race fields. Then the next step will be to introduce yourself in the "Hello, My name is_____" forum. We will then review your profile and usually grant posting rights.

- If you use any language in your post that our 'bad word filter' picks up then your post may get erased and/or your account will be banned or simply deleted without any warnings. If our filter finds faulty language in your post you have 30 minutes to hit the 'edit' button and correct your post.

- This forum is to express opinions. Two people will have two different opinions about the same subject. Now there are different ways to deal with a different opinion then yours. If you accuse the other person or lean towards attacking the other poster or person you account will be banned without any warning. To get your posting rights back you will have to contact us and explain your case. Repeat offenders will get deleted of our site. If you feel you got attacked by someone PM or e-mail a moderator instead of retaliating on the board. We will then investigate and deal with offenders.

- Commercial posting belong in the "industry News" section only. It's free of charge to post there. Ask for access and it shall be given to you. Some of our sponsors are also participating in the daily posting. Those sponsors are graced slightly more slack on plugging their own products and services online. They pay for it. Violators will be banned. We consider any other website other then our own commercial and the same rules apply.

- No racial comments will be tollerated.

- The focus of this forum is desert racing yet we have a "whatever" forum for the rare occasion of non theme related posts. Stick to desert racing.

- The mission statement of our site is for us to have fun running it. Pain in the behind posters are no fun and we will remove you and your posts for no obvious reason given if we feel like it. It's our site and the freedom of speech ended the moment you signed on. If you want things done your way. Post on your own site.

- All posts on are opinions of induviduals posting on this board. Some information may be wrong. We shall not be held liable for any posts or claims made on this site.

- These rules and guidlines may change over time and are not final.
Not open for further replies.