Run flo air filters? or whats the setup?


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Hi, my first big desert race is coming up (the V2R) and im trying to figure out the topic of air filters. should i run filters with oiled skinz? or run the Flo Air filters from PC racing? thanks


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I bought 6 of those Flo air filters, don't like them, poor quality (crfx type).
Use OEM filters. Start each morning with a fresh clean one and change 1 midday of each race day.


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Twin Air with the dust cover for that race. Thats what I will be using and switching every other pit.


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On my play bike I have the stock Twin Air and I just added those filter skins that are oiled from PC racing. I like the idea of just peeling one off after riding in dust instead of replacing the entire filter. But this is just my play bike, I have not tested this setup out in the dirt yet but Im curious to see how it performs. I am confident it will work well though, I also have a AFE dryflow filter that I am curious to try. Seems top notch though!