was just wondering in anyone has any pictures or videos from the run for fun event at the ROR on sat. the 16th????? would really like to see pics of the stock super duty that got destroyed. that was nuts.


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Jesus, Map!!

What happened there? Did the phone books slip out when you were up in the air?? LOL

That makes MY back hurt and that takes a lot these days. This is the 2nd time in one day I get to talk to someone about crotch belts... On 2nd thought maybe you don't want to hit one that hard!!!! OUCH


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make sure you install a new frame while your at it.


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Throwing water balloons at the end of the obstacle course, happened to Aaron and somebody else in a Toyota. The thing was with the heat that day the windsheilds were "softer" and more prone to break with water balloons. Oh well, we didn't mean any harm, just thought it would be a fun addition to the obstacle course, no biggy though, was no ones fault really.


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Dumb Idea..that really sucks for those guys that now have to fork out $200 or so to replace those windshields.


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I have seen many windshilds do that from water baloons. I guess after 1 broke you continued doing it untill a second broke? Oh well, sounds like it was all in fun!


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Ya, I know running my truck was a dumb idea, but I got bored... lol

As far as the water baloon thing, it was part of the obstacle course set up by ROR that we had to run through. There were tires and cones to swerve in and out of, and top speed was like 10mph anyway because the cones were so close. My windshield took about 10 ballons, and I got a small car wash! lol I had a really good time, and thought the obstacle couse was fun, sorry that some windshields didn't make it!


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Ah Yes!!! the great pasttime of thowing items at moving automobiles windshields... Just a little advice, you throw the water balloon at the windshield with your noodle arm(say, a 30 mile an hour throw) while they are driving 10 miles an hour = 40 mph!!! Great Idea! Not to mention the fun involved with cleaning glass up and possibly out of a face or eyeball. Guys, I soeak from experience on the cleaning side. It would be wise (and probably a whole lot better for you liability insurance at the track) if the trucks could just drive through the obstacle course without items being thrown at their windshields...